Sports Massage

At Second Narrows Massage therapy, we want you to achieve your athletic goals.

Are you a:

  • serious tri-athlete
  • marathoner
  • casual runner
  • training for Walk For the Cure or your first Sun Run
  • dancer
  • weekend warrior

We can help your training to ensure you make it to the start, and finish line, in the best shape possible.

Although we have experience working on professional athletes, we’ve found it is both the casual or serious recreational athletes that gain the most by incorporating sports massage into their training.

Common Complaints:

  • Biomechanical problems
  • Secondary and delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Low grade or chronic inflammation
  • General fatigue or slow recovery
  • Iliotibial band pain and tightness

To train is to push your body to adapt in a healthy way to the stress it is being subjected to. Integrating massage therapy into your training is a great way to catch little issues before they become big problems.

Our experienced and highly trained staff help you move towards your best and most enjoyable results ever. Lets make sure your training is building you up – not breaking you down.

Call today and take your training to a new level.